Happy Birthday Creativity.

Happy Birthday Andy.

I decided to try out some cake tricks
I made a few cupcakes, little ones, big ones, a mini heart cake
& some tiny chocolate flowers…

So, my recipe is from BBC Good Food, Vanilla Cupcakes

I ordered some Call of Duty toppers and toy soliders from ebay – which turned out to be pretty awesome and I’m quite proud of how they turned out.

Then I made some reddish vanilla cupcakes, and decorated them in various ways.

What I used…

  • a variety of sprinkles,
  • food colouring (red and green)
  • food pens
  • vanilla flavouring
  • betty crockers icing
  • food bags (snipped the end off to pour the icing out of)
  • chocolate chips
  • the usual cake ingredients
  • and there we go!

It did take me a good few hours but I’m pleased with how it all turned out… I got quite creative! & hopefully it was appreciated it.. here are the pics!





a nervous me awaiting 00:00

and the final table presentation!Image

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Big kids at heart ❤

As it’s Andys birthday on Saturday, and he has to work, we decided we would do something fun today! We both had the day off and since all the schools break up for Easter on Thursday, venturing out on Good Friday seemed a silly idea.

We got up early and I had given him his main birthday present today as it would be a vital item for our day out – Fuji film S2980 – I think he liked it! We packed some rolls, crisps and a few drinks and set off to Legoland! It took us about an hour and a half, which wasn’t too bad, using my trustworthy iPad for directions!


We started passing patches of snow as we passed Fleet and drove into Windsor, and the car thermostat started blinking as it neared 0oC … Not a pretty sight when you come out in just a tshirt and a jacket. silly, silly fools for not checking the weather forecast or mainly for just not thinking.

Once we arrived at the gates, an elderly man sorted out our tickets for us. Luckily we had a 2-4-1 voucher and the man let me go in as a child, which saved us £9.50! What a wonderful man he was. So smiley and friendly! :’)

We set off to the Star Wars building, wandered through the the Lego figures and amazing little scenes that had been built – many of them featured sounds and moving parts as well once you pushed a button! They had a laser gun ride where you sat in a little cart with a laser gun for each person to shoot at various targets throughout the journey! There was a camera near the end and our picture was priceless! Unfortunately, we didn’t have £8 to spare, which is an extortionate price to pay for a silly picture!

We carried on, avoiding the water rides as within minutes of leaving the car we were bitterly cold and definitely not wrapped up enough! It started snowing as well! I do love the snow ❤

We passed the Lego hotel, both honestly wishing we had stayed the night! But Andy had a cigarette and thankfully there were outside heaters! A slight God-send even if it was for a few minutes. I was too short to feel the full effect anyway 😦

Our next journey was on the Sea Life submarine – this was my favourite ! A little under the sea adventure with commentary explaining the different types of fish and water life as we passed through Atlantis city. Definitely a wonderful experience for any age!


We were both very disappointed to find out that the driving school was for ages 6-13 only! We didn’t think that was fair and we definitely wanted our Lego licenses! 😦 however, it was sweet watching all the children get excited about driving around the little Lego streets!

Mini land! It is absolutely incredible… All the tiny little statues, buildings, people all made from Lego! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken them. I really liked the Paris models, and the London section is fantastic and obviously much newer than some of the others. We also found these little critters having a bath! It was bitterly cold which made it so hard to take our time to properly appreciate the models, I did feel like I had missed out.


Thankfully, we scraped enough coins together for a hot chocolate each! My goodness did we need them and they were the best hot chocolate we’ve both ever had! Aside from Andy’s homemade options mint and marshmallows one! .

Our final destination was the Knights Kingdom – an awesome castle with a Dragon rollercoaster! My cousin had been telling me for days to make sure I go on it! It was a good laugh and no queues at all! Our picture was again a funny one :’)


We finished our trip by scanning the Pirates land and heading back to the shop, having one last look at the various Lego souvenirs and models.


We stopped at my favourite Fleet services for a yummy McDonalds –of course I had to check in on Facebook and tag my sister!– and then carried on home, where a comfy sofa and warm blanket awaited me for a lovely nap before heading to work for the night.



Nothing to show.

I didn’t feel much like getting out of bed today, but a lovely friend of mine has come back to Bournemouth for a week from Australia and I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to see her again! I spent far too long in the shower, turning the cold tap down every few seconds to make sure I was absolutely boiling when I finally got out.

I plodded down to town, although when I say plodded I actually made it in 25 minutes, which never happens for me. I usually stroll along, texting someone, looking at my surroundings..

We went to… yup, you guessed it… the Slug & Lettuce for 50% off Monday meals! Nicole announced that she was having a Rekordelig for lunch and for some reason, I did the same. It was completely necessary but I thoroughly enjoyed it nevertheless. Want to know what I thought of my lunch? Why don’t you head on over to my food blog Bournemouth Bites and find out?!

I had a fair amount of little jobs to do today, but not too many of them got done. I wandered around the shops, trying to find something pretty to take on holiday – a little dress or some funky shorts – but nothing took my fancy. I saw plenty of cutesy sun dresses in New Look, but I can’t justify paying £25 for something I know isn’t going to be good quality, so I left them all on their rails.

I was desperate to find an iphone case.. these nonsense plastic ones off of ebay are absolutely atrocious! They crack, they don’t fit properly or they just look shabby.. that’s ebay for you, ey? I begrudge paying £20-30-40 for one as well! Primark and H&M’s little cases didn’t interest me, they were fairly boring.

Primark, Primark, Primark…
Moustache bedding, pillows, fluffy throws! How on earth I didn’t buy them all I don’t know.. I have such an obsession with moustache things at the moment.. I might just have to buy myself the jewellery from River Island or Accessorize! Far too adorable. I did however, treat myself to a little moustache make up bag! All I need now is a phone case.

Zara, had the most wonderful clothes. Little vest tops with beads, skinny tees with French scrolled across them, and of course their tiny shorts with various rips, patches and patterns. What did I find? A moustache t-shirt for £9.99! It is adooooorable! I love it already :’)

20130325-223803.jpg 20130325-223819.jpg

I finally headed home, whilst stopping off in Card Factory quickly to buy Andy a card, some balloons and what-not and as I was paying my eyes drifted across the goodies placed along the front of the till when I spotted a cute, floral iphone case. £1.99! I couldn’t believe my luck, it was perfect! It is perfect! It’s all smooth and it clicks over my phone so easily… Happy girl!

I’ve wrapped up Andy’s present ready for tomorrow, I’m proud of myself, I think it looks good. He probably won’t bat an eyelid but I’ve gone out of my way anyway. Guys, lads, gentlemen ; would you be happy if your present was wrapped up like this?


Anyway, I seemed to have spent an awful lot of money today and all I have to show you for it is 3 tiny presents.. I will try and start posting better pictures soon.. Goodnight all xo

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Creative Writing Challenge: The 2AM Photo

From : DP get involved guys!

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next


The blue lights filled the room and Jack awoke instantly with the immense fear that someone was coming to get him. He couldn’t breathe and the only thing he could hear was the rapid pounding of his heart.

2AM? He never gets texts, he hasn’t got any friends and his family are entirely against technology, despite buying both his parents Blackberrys, and his little sister an iPhone. He opened his BBM. DadHe relaxed, despite the unexpected contact.


It was a picture.

It was a picture of his mother and his little sister Emily, they were sitting on the  sofa in their family home, opening presents. He couldn’t figure out why they would be opening presents at 2AM.

Dad, great picture. What are you doing up so late?

His dad was typing, but before Jack had time to contemplate the response, a second picture had come through. As he opened it, he felt his heart begin to race again. He noticed that the second picture was almost exactly the same, but opened it anyway.

Jack froze. His phone hit the floor, the back cover flew off in an odd direction and he faintly heard the screen crack over the beating of his heart.

He would never need to look at the picture again to remember it. It was permanently embedded in his memory. Something he knew instantly would haunt him for the rest of his life.

His family living room was smeared with red. Blood? It was everywhere. On the sofa his mother lay over his sister as if she was trying to protect her. Who could have done this? His parents had been married for 35 years, they loved each other.

He opened the draw to the bedside table and pulled out the revolver he had kept with him for the last few months. It was loaded and as he bought it up to his temple, finger slowly pushing more on the trigger.. He had nothing to live for any more, but Jack failed to notice his beaten up Blackberry flashing once again.


Son, just joking – we’re all fine, just very bored tonight. Mum, Dad, Emily xx


A Baking Catastrophe…

Okay so, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday next Saturday and I wanted to try and make some really cool cupcakes. After scanning the internet for an hour or so I found loads of really fantastic cakes, cupcakes, designs and just general ideas on how to make a boy-style cake, mainly Call of Duty. An XBOX game for those of you that don’t know.

I decided to do a mini-trial just to see how they may or may not turn out.

I cracked one egg into 100g of self-raising flour,

  • a spoonful of butter,
  • 50g of sugar,
  • a few drops of vanilla essence
  • a few drops of red and green food colouring
  • a few drops of milk& whisked it all together..

Poured the mixture into two greased cupcake moulds and left in the oven at 220oC for 15 minutes.. well, they turned out okay.. just okay.

You could see the effect the green and red colouring had, a pretty cool swirly effect..


Bear in mind I have no proffessional baking tools
No nozzles, bags, treats or tricks..

I used Bretty Crocker’s icing, as I have it open in the fridge from the last set of cupcakes.. so I added some red and green food colouring to that as well, and it came out quite nicely.. I scooped it into a little plastic food bag and snipped a tiny hole in the end.. and swirled it out onto of the cakes.. and it worked!


I went into the other room to pick up my phone, and to my shock when I had come back… this had happened…


I obviously hadn’t let the cupcakes cool down enough before added the icing.. I had to laugh though, what a silly mistake! Silly girl!

However, I carried on by digging out a little hole for the toy soldier, and covered the cake with chocolate sprinkles.. then iced happy birthday onto the other cupcake..


I would like to point out that I am not impressed with these cakes, but I’m glad I did the trial.. Although if I follow a proper recipe I’m sure they will turn out fine.. It just goes to show that chucking a random amount of things together does not work!



Would you read on?

There wasn’t much Abbey could do by the time she had checked herself in and boarded the flight BA 735 to Bangkok. She knew as soon as she has handed her passport to the lady on the desk what a horrendous mistake she had made. She could run, but they would undoubtedly find her more quickly now. There was no doubt in her mind that her passport would have triggered a change in the search results that would already be up on the office computer. They would be waiting for her to slip up, and she had. Abbey Simmonds was attempting to escape from her perfect life. Wonderful friends, a rich and successful husband, and a classy apartment overlooking all of London. Abbey and Jack haven’t been married long but unfortunately the honeymoon phase wore off after only a few weeks. Jack did well to keep the act going in front of company, however, the story behind closed doors was entirely different.


A day to myself

20130317-100410.jpgWell I think it’s safe to say I haven’t been feeling my best lately.. I’ve had so little motivation and to work two jobs that I’m not enjoying on top of trying to study and make it to class, is a bit too much. I can’t not work because paying off my overdraft has taken me far too long already. Andy’s birthday is coming up pretty soon and as I always do, I’m going to make a big deal out of it. Birthday’s are just one of those things that should be important. They are.

After I come back from India, it’s knuckle-down time money-wise.

SO.  I dropped Andy at work last Thursday morning, it was beeeeautiful! An absolutely stunning day as the skies were clear and blue, my favourite. It wasn’t particularly warm, but I went out in just a t-shirt and a jacket anyway. I decided to drive over to the shopping area, Castlepoint, and buy myself a few goodies. I transferred some money over from my savings and off I went!

I went from one end and worked my way around nearly every shop! Mum and I usually do that anyway but shopping on my own is quite different. I thought, I am going to take a little snapshot of any item I would buy if money was not an object. Clothes, jewellery, make-up, anything! As it turned out, the pictures weren’t very focused or worth using.. I was thinking of making a collage of them. I know it’s not right to take pictures of things in shops, but sometimes we need reminding of things to work for.

The first thing I did, was wander around the three aisles of make up in Boots.. just too much to choose from! Rimmel, Maybelline, Loreal (I wish!) and finally settled on a new concealer – £2 off! – from Rimmel. As much as I would have liked to of bought nail varnish, mascara, some funky eyeshadow – I resisted! Snaps for me. 

I carried on through Dorothy Perkins, which was a somewhat painful experience as everything was 30% off and I chose so many lovely tops and necklaces of the rails, and then had to put everything back before walking out.

The coffee shop in WHSmith was ridiculous, it was full of loud, rude people and I certainly gave that a miss! I finished my shopping and then decided to stop in Cafe Nero for a Vanilla Latte and a Lemon Drizzle Cake – they were delicious!

So at the end of my 6 hour shopping trip, I had bought some brilliant bargains.

£2 off my Rimmel cover-up -which is actually fantastic

£3 cupcake book, which was £21

£5 little owl tummy bar – it’s adorable!

£2.50 owl earrings – I lost my other ones

I can’t say it was a bad day.. and I finished it off with cocktails and the most mouth-watering nachos I’ve had yet! with my wonderful friend Heather 🙂