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Deutschland mit Joshua [3]

What a day! I was up far too early coughing, sneezing and had a headache. Josh and I drove to a bakery near by and bought some croissants and Chocco pains, which we had for breakfast with yogurts and orange juice at the house. It was perfect. It just felt exactly like what a family home would feel like.

We gave our key back and said goodbye to the wonderful lady who owned the house, and drove to the town centre where we visited a Puppet museum! It was quite interesting and we only paid €5 to get in.


As we still had hours left of our day, we decided to find a zoo to visit. This ended up being Kaiserlautern Zoo and it was so lovely! We saw tigers, zebras, monkeys and a lot of awful geese. Despite the torrential rain it was really sweet and the lady gave us student discount!



Then we stopped off at a near by McDonalds, where I tried a McBaguette! Definitely interesting! Germany have much better deals for McDonalds.


After a long drive we arrived back at the airport, had a beer and a glass of wine before checking in, played scrabble. Then did the same after checking in before boarding an awful flight. Noisy, smelly and completely overpriced.



Now we are on the coach back to London, which is also noisy and very stuffy and we’re both very tired.

Such a fantastic 3 days though and worth every penny.

I love you Joshua


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Deutschland mit Joshua [2]

Another fantastic day! Saturday, that is.
I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, and about little house overlooks acres of fields either side of us the views were beautiful!

We made some breakfast and packed some snacks for the day before heading off to visit some of my family friends in Sankt Goarshausen. It is such a beautiful drive along the Rhine and the sun was shining on the valleys and we could see all the castles!


It was wonderful seeing my friends again and to introduce Josh to them. We stayed for over an hour just catching up and Martina made a wonderful apple crumble with apples from her garden! amazing!

Afterwards, we set off to Marksburg Castle
and unfortunately got very lost, and decided not to continue to Koblenz but go to Rüdesheim instead. By this time it was nearly 3pm and we were absolutely starving!

We had lunch in a restaurant my family have been going to for as long as I can remember and it was just okay, but we were too hungry to complain.


The cable car closed at 4pm and we arrived at 10 past, thoroughly disappointed! So we decided to take pictures with the standing one instead, like the mature people we are.



The sunset was lovely, and we walked along the river before quickly saying hello to another family friend and then catching the ferry to the other side!


On our drive home we passed a little outdoor centre and a hut with twinkling lights and bottles of wine, naturally we pulled over. A winery had set this up so people could try different wines of theirs and then buy some by the glass or bottle. It was fantastic ! We had one glass and sat inside and played cards. Where it smelt of pumpkin, lavender and all sorts of herbs. The lady didn’t speak any English but with my very broken German we just about managed.

As soon as we got home Josh googled McDonalds, and off we went again. I must admit German veggie burgers are absolutely awful! so now we know.

The rest of the evening was beyond perfect. We stayed in and played scrabble, had a few glasses of wine which was made here on the vineyard we are staying at. We filled out our travel journal and wrote little messages and then had lots of cuddles! always good!




Deutschland mit Joshua! [1]

After having very little sleep the last 48 hours, the airport being full of sleeping people and the plane being delayed – we made it to Germany unharmed!



Unfortunately, the first thing we did was not buy a pretzel and Apfel schörle, but we did pick up and Audi A1! wooopwooooop. Absolutely beaut car. Josh drove us to our little Gästhaus in Bad Kreuznach with no traffic, no hiccups (sigh of relief) and it is absolutely beautiful!


We had a quick shower, change, cup of tea before heading into town to find some lunch – which we found in a lovely pizzeria called Salina’s. I had a great pasta and although Josh was being nice I don’t think it was worth a €7 tip!


We went to Aldi to buy a few necessities for the weekend then went for a drive in the pouring rain! We drove to a town my parents used to go to for breakfast, Bingen and looked out across the river.

As soon as we got in at about 6pm I fell straight asleep and have only just woken up. So I’ll be working on my travel journal ❤️


Goodnight xo


6 months!

Today has been a long day and it’s not over yet. It started as I woke up at 4:30am to catch the coach to London, arriving late and not meeting Josh until 9am.

We slept until nearly 1pm, just because neither of us had slept much and knew we had a long day ahead of us. We headed over to Regent Street to have a look in Superdry and H&M in attempt to find matching winter woollies. We came away empty handed though and went to Debenhams to change our euros and have lunch.

Thankfully Josh’s amazing discount saved us a fair amount of money on a decent lunch, so we shared a small bottle of wine.


Just before lunch we passed the amazing brand new Fossil store on Oxford Street. It’s absolutely AMAZING. There is so much space, so many products and the displays are fantastic. Josh bought me a charm bracelet which I’ve wanted for at least 5 months now. It’s so pretty I love it.

I love Fossil and genuinely disappointed I won’t be able to attend their London launch party.

We went to Covent Garden to have a look at the Christmas lights, which by the way are beauuuutiful! We had a festive Starbucks are Josh bought me some more presents (pictures later)

Then we made our way home in time to bath, eat dinner, pack and get ready for Germany! I got irritable sitting in the house waiting for 11pm to arrive so I suggested we go out.

We walked to Embankment and along the river, under the eye and all around Big Ben. Such fantastic sights, especially of a night time. As always, I had to stop in the amusements for more photo booth pictures and one go on the claw machines. Surprisingly I won a Me to You bear and he is so cute! So now he is in the bag en route to Germany with us.

It’s only for the weekend but I’ll try and update each night with pictures. We are on the way to Stansted airport now were we have a bit of a wait until out 7am flight