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The last day in Prague

… Started off with a horrendous amout of rain, a terrible breakfast and us staying in the hotel room right until check out.

The weather was horrible! We went back to the vegetarian restaurant for lunch, which was so busy that we had to share a table with someone. They brought our food out so quickly we didn’t even have time to breathe in between meals. It was really good though.


We walked over Charles Bridge and decided we definitely should’ve spent more time over there as it was less tourist-y and had nicer shops.


We found a lovely little wine bar, and tried some Czech wines and had a chocolate and chili brownie – absolutely delicious!


Before heading back to the hotel to catch the 3 hour early bus to the airport, where we pigged out on mcdonalds!


Josh bought me beautiful flowers for my birthday and I was really disappointed I had to leave them behind, but he did buy me some more make up on the plane! Yay!


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Prague, day three.

Sunday is always meant to be the day of rest, and today pretty much was. After another shockingly awful breakfast I took ages getting ready to go out. It was one of those typical girl days where nothing looked or felt right.

We walked through the towns, looking in random shops and trying to find somewhere nice for lunch. That definitely didn’t work as after an hour we ended up stuffing our faces in McDonalds!

And then having a nice afternoon nap. We woke up to this stunning sight before heading out for dinner…


Josh had booked a table for dinner at the most amazing restaurant; Pasta Fresca! Which quite unbelievably is part of a chain of restaurants. Everything is fresh! You can see people making the pasta, there’s a huge table of cheese in the middle of the restaurant and they have over 100 different wines!


I had beautiful birthday flowers on my table, and for dinner I had homemade gnocci with BLACK TRUFFLES!! it was absolutely amazing! I was far too full up for dessert, which was a shame.



We walked, or I waddled, back to the hotel through the Christmas markets, and decided to stay in for the night. Of course, we played a few games of scrabble, watched The Internship, and just chilled out. Such a good day in the end.


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Celebrating 7 months, in Prague.

Poor Josh is really unwell at the moment, so I didn’t think we were going to do very much today. Thankfully some breakfast gave us energy and we got ready and headed out to the metro station to buy our tram tickets to the zoo.

It cost about one pound to get there, via a tram and a bus, and took just over half an hour. We did notice that no one bought or used tram tickets, and on the way back our driver didn’t even ask for one.


Prague zoo is fantastic! There is so much scenery, space and so many different animals. Polar bears were my favourite, I love them! We got to watch these adorable Gorilla playing in their enclosure an there was even a little baby!

We spent about four and a half hours there, and even stopped for a freshly cooked lunch, which was delicious!


It snowed for most of the day and ended up being really cold! By the time we got back to the entrance a bus was ready to leave, so we hopped on and stopped at a shopping mall on the way back to the hotel. It was full of great shops but was totally overcrowded.

Feeling very cold and tired, we had a FOUR HOUR NAP!! Before heading out to a vegetarian restaurant down the road called Estrella!. Definitely one of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time. We had hummus to start, then I had a beetroot burger and a cookie for dessert. We had some Czech wine, one of which was an insane amount of apple flavours and smells! But very delicious. Such a great day, ended with scrabble and diary entries.


night all xo

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The first 24 hours in Prague.

Happy Birthday to meeee

24 hours ago Josh and I arrived in Prague, to freezing temperatures and a driver who thought it was okay to drive straight through a red light.
We had a busy day in London, picking up presents and travel money – having lunch and rushing for the coach – Gatwick was a great airport and we had the biggest McDonalds ever!

Last night we watched some football, counted down to my birthday and didn’t do much else as we were tired from the day.

This morning I woke up to Josh throwing balloons all over the room! It was so funny and lovely because it meant I had balloons on my birthday!


We got ready for the day, headed down for breakfast, which due to my iphone not updating the time zone we were actually too late, but sat down anyway and wondered why the waitresses were clearing up.


I had some great presents and cards, and opened them all before we went out. Finally have some film for my polaroid camera and mum got me a top I’ve wanted for ages!


We wandered around both old and new towns, through the Christmas markets and in little tourist shops. We found some lovely postcards and paintings…

WE FOUND THE HARD ROCK CAFE! where we had nachos, a Caesar salad and I had a birthday cocktail and got to keep the glass. and Josh bought me a hard rock hoody!



In the evening Josh booked a table for us at Pragues best restaurant – OXO and although we got very lost, we had a great dinner and an even better dessert.


It has snowed most of the day, which has been wonderful! And now we’re sitting in the lobby having a drink and using the wifi! Here’s a few extra pictures from today, then goodnight xo