100 Happy Days – Day Four

My happiness today is that my mum took the day off work to look after me.

We went to some craft stores and looked through all of the new stuff. We had lunch in a garden centre and bought my dad some birthday presents.

I always find garden centres so expensive! Like a little pot is £9.99 when you can pay 99p somewhere else. Anyhow, I spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa with my bear and blanket, watching come dine with me and Jeremy Kyle.

Now I’m in bed drawing.

I am thankful for my parents supporting me and for my efforts in getting out of bed today.


100 Happy Days – Day Two

So today hasn’t been as good as yesterday, but it could have been a lot worse, I suppose.

I woke up feeling grateful that once again, it wasn’t raining.

It was quiet both in and around the house, and when Mum and Dad came home they had wonderful news!

The neighbours from HELL have finally, after three years, MOVED OUT!!

What an absolute relief.

I started cleaning, tidying and sorting my room out once again and after nearly 6 hours, it is nearly finished and looking pretty damn good! I’m impressed. Another few hours tomorrow and it will be looking wonderful!

Dad had bought some lovely wine for us, and made us a rocket and goat’s cheese salad – it was deliiiiiicious!

We had a really good time together just laughing and being really silly. That was lots of fun.

I carried on drawing and designing my New Media story and I am SO proud of myself for how it has turned out!!

This evening wasn’t so great, and after a few arguments and cancelling a few plans, my parents insisted on going out for dinner.

My boyfriend has left hidden messages on my phone :)
My boyfriend has left hidden messages on my phone 🙂

We went to the Larderhouse in Southbourne and it is absolutely the most unique place I’ve ever been to! There’s so many different choices of spirits, wines, cocktails and the food menu is quite special! It’s different every day and the dishes are mouth-watering! I’m so glad we went there.

Now I’m home, snuggled up in my Me-to-you onesie that my sister bought me for christmas, and I’m going to  try and have an early-ish night.

It’s been a stressful, but productive day.

I’m hoping that this happiness thing gets a little easier every day.

Let’s hope so at least.

My happiness pad says:

  • It isn’t raining!
  • The neighbours from hell have finally moved out
  • Finding things that belonged to my Grandpa
  • Having fun at lunch with my parents
  • Having an amazing selection of nice perfumes
  • Perfect family evening
  • And a holiday may possibly be on the cards soon

Goodnight everyone! xo


100 Happy Days – Day One.

Today has truly been a good day, and I have actually realised that in my normal mind set, it would have been terrible.

I woke up to a beautiful morning and had a long, hot shower before starting my day properly.

I spent most of the morning drawing pictures for my University assignment (yes, lucky me!) and then helped my Dad with some of his work, before heading to University to try and appeal one of my grades. Unfortunately, nothing can be done which I personally think is ridiculous as our lecturer marked us so unfairly and actually incorrectly. Hey ho!

I spent the afternoon drawing again, and eating fresh hot baguette in my mum’s car, whilst waiting for her to finish work. I planned on walking home but by the time I got to her shop it was pouring, so I bought some food in Lidl and sat in the car so she could drive me home.

This evening, Mum cooked a delicious dinner and I have continued my drawings, although there are quite a few crumpled piece of paper on my floor in failed attempts at hitting the bin.

My notepad of happiness says:

  • My hair is lovely and soft
  • My perfume is still strong despite having a bath last night
  • The sun in shining
  • I won £10 yesterday
  • I’m proud of today’s drawings
  • People have taken the time to give me feedback on my work
  • Warm baguettes are the best!
  • Mum’s home cooked dinner
  • The song Timber

So I’d say that being happy, day one, was definitely a success!

& a much better feeling 🙂


My life in photographs


If there’s one thing that truly makes me happy is a perfect picture. Maybe not perfect in terms of light or surrounding, but when you look at it and think, that sums up how I felt at that moment.

Instant photos are my favourites because even if you’re posing for them, it’s like capturing a moment forever, in print. However, it’s a magical feeling when you take tens or even hundreds of pictures of the same scene, item or person and you finally find that one amazing photo.


MyDestination: The Intern

Nearing the end of second year at University, lectures and careers advisers were nagging us to start looking into securing a summer placement, a vital part of our course, and people seemed to fall into a mad panic. Where do we look, what can we apply for, where should we go?! I know a lot of people who tried to find somewhere close to home, and others who applied for jobs in bigger cities like London, Cardiff or Manchester.

I managed to secure myself two fantastic placements last summer. 6 weeks at Food and Travel, and 12 weeks at MyDestination. However, neither of them happened and I was beyond disappointed because I couldn’t afford any accommodation or the commuting fees from Bournemouth to London. I kept in touch with both ladies that offered me placements and found myself a wonderful alternative over in Poole with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.20140120-214211.jpg
Since my boyfriend now lives in London, I thought I might try and find myself some work up there for after Christmas, and I certainly did! I got back in touch with the main Editor at MyDestination and she offered me a 2 week placement at their head office, which is in Little Venice, just off Warwick Avenue tube station. 
It was a quaint little area, with built up houses, a canal running through the area and a handful of rather over priced cafes. I started on Thursday after New Year and to my surprise there was no such thing as the ‘London Rush Hour’ that day. I walked around in circles for a good fifteen minutes trying to find the place but as soon as I did I was welcomed by a friendly lady, who I ended up sitting next to in the office.

Straight away I was writing a travel guide on Costa Rica and a blog post about my recent trip to Germany, I was buzzing with excitement. It couldn’t have been more than a dream-come-true. Living and working in London! Even if it was for a few weeks. Monday morning was a big shock though, as someone had jumped in front of a train just a few stations up the line, it was pouring down with rain and I queued for a tube for over an hour – missing a total of 12 tubes because they were all so jam packed.

Unfortunately I had to leave 4 days early due to personal reasons, but the 9 days I was there was just fantastic. I got to research and write about destinations I’d never even considered going to, but now can’t wait to see! Everyone was lovely, helpful yet so professional. 

I’m now awaiting two blog posts to be posted and hope that some day soon this placement will help me land a job in the same field. Travel writing. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s what I really want to do.

 P.S. My bank account is now completely empty after the never-ending oyster card top-ups, morning coffees and dinners out. On the plus side, it was totally worth it.