I’m an English teacher!

It’s official.

I got offered a 4-week temporary teaching contract at the sister school  of where I did my CELTA! 

My first day was full of nerves from the minute I woke up, which I tried to calm down with avocado on toast and a berry smoothie. Then a coffee. Then a massive salad box. I’m not sure why I was so nervous. I don’t understand my own nerves most of the time.

Both classes (one elementary, one intermediate) were full of lovely students and that made the afternoon much more enjoyable! We covered living abroad, living in the UK, emotions and suggestions.

Hopefully the students found their lessons interesting, I feel that I’m pretty good at reading people in terms of whether they’re bored or not… and tried to keep the lessons flowing. Fingers crossed it went well for them!

I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to gaining some more self-confidence so I can stop worrying so much.

Tomorrow I’ll be teaching three lessons… I’m just so excited to get into the swing of things and really find my feet!

I think I’m going to enjoy being a teacher – bring it on! ūüôā

En route to work!
My favourite breakfast food


New week, new job.

So I’ve spiralled straight out of my CELTA course and flying into a teaching job at ITTC’s sister school, BEET! 

Am I nervous? Absolutely.

 Am I excited? Definitely.

It’s a prestigious language school, where students from all over world move to Bournemouth especially to study there! Keep your fingers crossed for me guys… ūü§ěūüŹĽ



Apologies for the late update, as we finished our course on Friday afternoon! My provisional grade is a Pass – and fingers crossed it stays that way.

The last week was an odd one. Until Wednesday we were all panicking about re-subs and whether or not we had done enough to pass. Completing final lesson plans and organising our portfolios ready for submission!

Whilst it was a reasonably calm week compared to the previous three, I was antsy. I was losing my patience with people constantly shouting and talking over the teachers, people getting petty over swapping seats and such… it felt like we were actually back in school.

Once 4pm rolled around on Friday I was sad to say goodbye to our lovely Pre-Intermediate students, who were an absolute delight to teach. But also, my group. Three people who I now consider friends, who have supported me over the past 4 weeks and made my time on the course more enjoyable than expected. I will miss spending the week with them, and hope we end us meeting again!

I almost didn’t sign up for the course, and I nearly backed out after I’d been accepted, because I didn’t think I could do it. I was wrong. I did it, and I’m so glad I did. It has been a fantastic experience, albeit extremely intense and a tough one to manage!

Doing the CELTA course is worth every minute if it’s a path you want to take, and I can’t say enough positive words about ITTC, the course and the brilliant people that work there.

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(is over!) and here’s a slightly late update on it…





Wow. Guys. Week three was intense! By far the most intense week of studying yet.
With lesson plans coming out of my eyes and tears flowing from my eyeballs as I write assignments and re-submissions galore… (okay, three, but still!)

Unfortunately I failed my first assignment, which was beyond disappointing, but I just couldn’t get my head around the ‘checking understanding’ part. It’s safe to say I’ve improved on that now…

I had a few great lessons (teaching practice) and I’m thoroughly enjoying every moment in the classroom – although there are undoubtedly a few nerves before I begin! I so desperately want to be a great teacher. I want to inspire people to learn English, to understand it, and to fall in love with it the way I have. Whether that’s possible or not… let’s wait and see!

Sunday resulted in me working from 8:30am until 11pm, with an hour for lunch and an hour for a yummy roast dinner.

Stayed tuned for Week 4 thoughts…


CELTA part two.

Good morning lovely people (a very early morning, may I add.)

After getting up at 5am to start my day, I thought it was about time for that week two update on the CELTA course I’m studying for.

Unfortunately I have to re-submit my first assignment, for which I am kicking myself! It’s a fairly rotten feeling to not pass an assignment, as you can imagine, and something I am definitely not used to happening to me.

Week two went by in a flash. We had two lots of teaching observations at the sister school down the road (BEET language school) which were fantastic – two completely different teachers, two totally different teaching styles! Seeing a strict teacher teach with humor, and a quiet teacher teach with drama and movement – the observations were fascinating and extremely helpful for moving forward in the course. It made me realize that my (future) teaching style can always be adapted!

I couldn’t make my Monday teaching session due to a hospital appointment, but Tuesday’s session was fairly disastrous, yet there were improvements on my second lesson, yet I still came away feeling that I’d let the students down.¬†My feedback suggested otherwise, I’d like to add!

However, my teaching session on Thursday was my biggest improvement so far. I finally came out of my little shell! I was teaching articles (the, a/an, and zero article) – and boy was I nervous!

What if I can’t teach them?

“What if I forget how to use them correctly?”

“What if I tell them the wrong rules?”

Rubbish!¬†The more I thought about it, the more flustered I became. I felt sick. I was ridiculously nervous and had convinced myself I was going to mess up and ruin the entire lesson.¬†However,¬†it’s safe to say I did an alright job. My confidence magically re-appeared and I think it’s fair to say we all had an enjoyable lesson. My colleague’s topic in the previous lesson was China, so I was able to create a fun follow-on with some photos and a little story from my time living there.

Thursday was the day when I¬†finally¬†felt that I could be a teacher. Not just that I wanted to be one, but that I was actually¬†capable¬†of becoming a teacher – and now I’m pumped! I’m full of determination and motivation and desperately want to do well on this course.

On Friday, we swapped tutors and student groups – so having taught Upper-Intermediate level for the past two weeks, with the most loveliest students, we are now teaching Pre-Intermediate, with another lovely group.

We were given the morning to plan out a short lesson, as an introduction to the group change. Thankfully, I was able to work on the reading task. Now, I have always read to a high standard, even as a child, and reading with/to people who don’t is something I find challenging. Reading with people who are learning English is something I’ve never done before, and desperately wanted to test the waters. It’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! I never thought I would have, but I did. My patience came through in waves and despite the drastic contrast in levels of English among the students, I think we all had an enjoyable lesson.

So, to wrap up week two –

really getting stuck in with assignments, teaching sessions and lesson planning

the remainder of my weekend will be focusing on my re-submission and the second assignment.

Wish me luck guys and please share your thoughts! xo


China, Taiwan, same thing!

Funnily enough guys, China and Taiwan are¬†not¬†the same ‘thing’. They are not the same country. They are not the same place.

Something I hear¬†all of the time¬†when I explain my background is that China and Taiwan are the same thing, the same place, or ‘the same sort of place’ and in all honestly, it makes me a little annoyed. Especially when these words come from intelligent, educated people who¬†should¬†know better.

This is not to spark a China-Taiwan debate, nor will I get into any debates about the never-ending China-Taiwan issues. This is merely a short post to express my disappointment in people who group these countries together without even thinking about what they are actually saying.

Imagine if I went around saying “Spain? Portugal? Whatever, they’re the same country!” or, “Brazil? They speak Portuguese, they must be from the same place!”.

C’mon guys, just think about it a little…