Hello Kitty hits the high street!

Okay ladies, this gorgeous little kitty is now hitting Primark stores across the UK and you can get your hands on her for just £6! You get to choose from a grey tshirt (pictured below), a navy pajama set or a trendy denim jacket. Prices range from £6 – 25 and are available at: Southampton, Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and a few other cities.

You can check out Primark’s official instagram post here  : which has reached 52,000 likes in just 3 days! So I think it’s safe to say there’ll be a lot of ladies donning the cute items!

Have you bought any of them yet?

I’ve nabbed a tshirt and I absolutely love it… Super comfy and soft material too.


Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Ladies and lovelies, happy Tuesday!

Apologies on the delay of this blog post, I’ve been a little busy the past few days.

So, to run alongside my men’s fashion post and the manners post, here’s one for us ladies.

Just a little background info. Until I was 15 I practically LIVED in sports wear – trackies, football shirts, football shorts, football shoes, baggy socks, hoodies, track jackets… I’m not kidding. I wore no make up, I didn’t really do anything with my hair… I was a total tomboy! Unashamedly so as well.


When I first moved to England I had ABSOLUTELY no idea about make up, none at all. Or fashion for that matter. Most of the time I looked ridiculous, in my opinion. Once I went to uni I quickly learned more about fashion, make up, how to do my hair better. I had people nicely, and not so nicely, suggest what to wear or some of my friends would kindly help me out with make up. Finally, I tried to tidy myself up a bit.

These days, I don’t follow the trends in terms of what I buy/wear. I don’t like to, but I do keep an eye out for what’s hot / not just out of interest. I enjoy following fashion blogs or trendy people on instagram, sort of kind of wishing I dressed a little more like them. However, I’m mostly pretty casual.

Some of my favourite trendy ladies, who are also absolutely lovely people, are below:

Lucy: @lucyjmitchell and her blog is LOVELUCYJANE
I used to go to the same school as Lucy and her partner, and it’s crazy to see how much she’s changed since I first knew her nearly 10 years ago! Her make up is always 110% gorgeous and her style is casual but always trendy.


Alice: @alicerebecca
Whilst her instagram consists of housing decor, beautiful baby photos and more, her fashion sense is bold, quirky and charming all in one! I always love seeing what she’s styled up…


Rebecca: @rebeccajaydex and her blog is: REBECCAJAYDEX
This lovely lady runs a fantastic blog and her instagram is always full of cuteness and positivity. I’ve been following her for over 2 years now and whether she’s posting baby photos, home decor or fashion it’s always delightful. I don’t know how Rebecca manages to be so stylish, but she’s one of my ultimate faves! She’s casual, not at all over-the-top and she always looks so comfy!


Pauline: @paw.lean and her blog is: PAWLEAN 
I’ve already mentioned Pauline in my New Year, New Me (Just joking!) blog post but this woman is amazing. Not only is she highly motivational, always positive and smashing the hell out of her goals on a daily basis, she’s an absolute darling. She’s often in gym wear, but when she’s not her style is cute, trendy and things I would never look good in!


And finally, for the fashion inspos, but not at all the least,

Katie!: @katie_did_what and her blog is: KATIEDIDWHAT
I’ve been following Katie and her wonderful family for over two years (roughly) and she never fails to make me smile. This lady is so honest about life, yet always so positive. She’s adorable and her family give me so much hope for my future. Her style is really casual, but she always manages to make it look SO trendy! Plus, the clothes her little ones wear are also totally cute. If you’re not following her, you have to!


Now, moving on to my instagram poll results…

Thanks to everyone who voted! Although some of the boys thought it would be funny to add their two pence to the ladies’ questions, so I had to filter out their votes.

Q: Men, do you care what women wear?
24 said yes, 5 said no

Q: Men, do you like ladies that wear false nails / eyelashes / fake tan? 
5 said yes, 18 said no

Q: Ladies, do you care how you dress?
A: 34 said yes, 4 said no

Q: Ladies, do you wear jeans or leggings more often?
A: 32 said jeans, 14 said leggings – surprising! Jeans can be so uncomfortable!

Q: Ladies, do you prefer skirts / dresses or jeans?
A: 16 said skirts / dresses and 23 said jeans – this was surprising as I see so many ladies wearing lovely skirts and dresses these days, and I always think how uncomfortable they are in the winter, because usually you have to wear tights too! 

Q: Ladies, do you care about make up?
A: 29 said yes, 13 said no – this didn’t surprise me, as so many of us love a bit of make up, right?

Q: Ladies, Do you wear a lot of make up?
A: 16 said yes and 27 said no – which also didn’t surprise me as most of the girls I know are quite subtle with their make up, but perhaps not a true representation of everyone?

Q: Ladies, how much do you spend on clothes each week?
A: 36 said less than £30,
2 said more than £30
5 said more than £60 and,
2 said more than £100 – personally, I sit in the first bracket. I try hard not to waste money on clothes, because I’m still trying to lose weight and I wear a similar style all year round.

Q: Ladies, do you prefer heels or flats?
A: 7 said heels, 34 said flats – I’m with you on the flats ladies!

Q: Ladies, do you prefer comfy or smart shoes?
A: 30 said comfy, 6 said smart – and I’m in total agreement with the comfort!

Q: Ladies, do you care about your hair? (Nice rhyming, Claire!)
A: 33 said yes, 7 said no – how can you not care about your hair?

Q: Ladies, do you make sure your nails look nice?
A: 18 said yes, 20 said no! – Wait, what? No? But why not?

Q: Ladies, do you wear fake eyelashes / nails / tan?
A: Only 7 said yes, 29 said no – Now even I occasionally wear false nails, because there’s nothing worse than nails that don’t look pretty, in my opinion!

aaaaaaaaaaaaand finally

Q: Ladies, do you prefer high street or designer fashion?
A: 35 said high street, 6 said designer – I’m with you high street fashion-lovers! 

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure how the results would turn out and in most answers I fit into the majority vote. Is that a reflection of my friends / followers? Maybe. I enjoyed working towards this post and I honestly hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!

If you have any comments about ladies fashion, please leave them below!



This is a man’s world.

Is it? Well for this post, it can be.

I’ve noticed two things already in 2018:

  • It seems to suddenly be okay for people to spit in public. Yes. Spit.

    Could somebody please tell me why? I was walking into town the other day when somewhere not too far behind me someone seemed to make the most revolting sound in his throat, then spit out onto the floor. I find this absolutely repulsive in every way, and completely unnecessary. Why?! Then a while later as we sat outside Subway having lunch, some man walked past and spat out on the floor, right by us! It made me feel sick!
  • The whole ‘trackies’ trend seems to be dying out. Why is that?

It got me thinking about how the trends are changing again for men. I see so many youngsters in town looking 10x better than I ever do (girls, obviously), but the guys seem to be taking such an interest in fashion, style, appearance. Pinterest is booming with men’s fashion, I see far more men taking selfies these days… so I thought I’d ask a few questions (see below).

I also stumbled across this post from 2008, written by Antonio Centeno, and although he’s talking about fashion in a business world, his points still remain valid in society today.

Firstly, I asked the ladies if they about the way men dress.
Results: 32 out of 41 ladies said yes, they did.

Then, I asked the men if they cared about the way they dressed.
Results: 17 out of 23 said yes, they did care.

I know just from teaching a young group of students that the majority of the guys make a real effort in with their clothing, their hair, keeping fit, etc and it’s actually surprised me recently! But it’s kinda nice, right?

I asked both girls and guys to answer “Do you like seeing men in tracksuits?”
Results: 31 out of 42 people said NO! In all honesty I’m surprised that even 12 people said yes, but then I guess it all depends what tracksuit we’re talking about, right?

In my personal opinion, I don’t really like them. Occasionally they’re okay. However, when you see Mr Craig David here, he’s totally workin’ it!

Ladies, beards on guys?
Results: 27 out of 37 said yes. Which doesn’t surprise me. I don’t mind either way!

Ladies, tattoos on guys?
Results: 33! said yes, and 16 said no. Again, I don’t mind either way but I have to admit I’m not one for facial ink.

Ladies, piercings on guys?
Results: 16 said yes, but a surprising 28 said no!

Smoking! Something I’ve never liked but this result surprised me!
45 out of 51 people said they do not like being around people who smoke.

I asked the guys do they prefer smart or casual shirts for everyday wear, and the winning answers fluctuated over 24 hours.
Final result: 23 said casual, 20 said smart.

Guys, do you prefer trainers or smart shoes?
Result: 18 for trainers and 23 for smart shoes. I guess it all depends on the situation right? You can’t exactly go to a high class restaurant in trainers, and most places even refuse entry at the weekend unless you’re ‘dressed to impress’!

My final questions lead on from yesterday’s post about manners, and here are the, not so surprising, results.

Q: Are table manners important to you?
A: 46 said yes, 1 said no.

Q: If people pay for your food, do you order the most expensive thing on the menu?
A: 43 said no, rude (haha) and 4 said uhhhh yes (those 4 people did not surprise me here!).

In this case, I think this is extremely bad manners. I get it, someone’s offered to pay for you, but what if they don’t actually have enough money to cover the cost of your meal? What if they have to eat less for a week just to pay for one of your meals? No. I always aim for the lower end of the price range, just out of politeness. Please leave your thoughts on this, I’m so curious on this one!

Q: Do you find it rude when people spit or burp in front of you?
A: 41 said yes, 5 said no.

Why not? I understand burping is sometimes totally unstoppable, but spitting? WHY!?

I really appreciate everyone taking part in the polls and thought I’d leave you with a few photos of who I think are some of the best dressed men. In my opinion, they always look 110%!

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Crabby salmon claws.

I think my new favourite colours are these three I’ve used today. I bought these colours for my mum as a birthday present. She likes simple and neutral tones, but she wanted to try doing the fourth finger in a different colour. So!

No. 7 (Pink Blossom) Stay Perfect Nail Colour £5.99 from Boots

Opinion:beautiful bubblegum colour, needs at least two layers but has a lovely glossy finish. Love it!

Barry M Nail Effects Confetti (Marshmellow) £3.99 from Boots

Opinion:Not a topcoat I would choose for myself but it’s really cute if you like pale colours. Mostly white sticks in a clear varnish.


Maybelline Color Show (Corals Up!) £3.99 from Boots

Opinion:Fantastic! I adore this colour so much! It’s a perfect coral colour and I’ve used it to add a stripe on my thumb and index finger



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A Bridget Jones Mini Break!

Well, not really.
I’ve just spent 3 days in London with Josh, which have been fantastic, albeit slightly expensive.

I took the 5:15 coach on Sunday morning, thankfully I managed to sleep a bit, and we had McDonalds for breakfast in Victoria Place. We spent the morning around Brick Lane, where neither of us had been before and it was amazing!

So many different cultures, cuisines, handicrafts and jewellery. I really enjoyed myself. We went to Russell Square for lunch, Nandoooooos! – it was deliiiiicious!

After much we went home to have a nap, as in the evening we took the longgggg journey (1h15m) down to Greenwich to Up The Creek comedy club.

An absolutely brilliant night! 4 comedians and the host as well were all hilarious, although Ian Smith was my favourite because he didn’t talk about sex, drugs or suicide. and he tweeted me back!!

It was rainy and quite windy, due to the so called hurricane! but we made it home alive!

On Monday I stayed at home in the morning, then Josh and I had McDonalds for lunch

and I went shopping around Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. I got some early Christmas presents for people and a few bits for myself moustaches ftw

Josh and I had dinner at the Slug and Lettuce in China Town. I had nachooooos and a wrap all to myself. I was starving! Then we went to China Town and took photos on the sticker machines. They’re adorable and bloody hilarious (see below)

And yesterday I woke up from 7 hours of solid sleep and was absolutely buzzing! Which continued whilst I sat in Starbucks trying to study, but most watched YouTube and tried not to embarrass myself by laughing out loud in public.

I went to Covent Garden and spent ages in Fossil, wishing I had an unlimited amount of money. Then spent a while in H&M where I bought some sexy clothes for Josh and a really comfy jumper for myself. Green as well! Not a colour I wear often!

After work Josh and I went down to Canada Water to The Mayflower Pub to meet some friends I grew up with, from 1997! So lovely to see them both and Katie gave me some Loreal freebies! Very happy about that 😀

And now I am almost back in Bournemouth where it is very dark, rainy and so grim compared to the beautiful morning I’ve just had in London.

It’s just so nice to still go out all the time and find new places, see different things.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! xo

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Smart over comfort.

As it is our last night in Bangalore and we were going to a stunning hotel for dinner, I wanted to dress up a little.

I have this dress that I’ve been meaning to wear on so many occasions, but whenever I put it on it never seems to look or feel right.

Tonight, it was this or a tank top with leggings. Not so appropriate for dinner at a 5 star hotel, in my opinion.

Opinions would be appreciated please 🙂


Shoes: £12 Dorothy PerkinsEarrings: £6 AccessorizeDress: £12 New LookBlazer: £10 New Look