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What to do when you’re in London for a medical check.

If you’re not in London for your own enjoyment, the chances are you’ve got to work around other arrangements, right? When I went to London for my medical check, I had to leave Bournemouth at 5am and the coach back was at 7pm – it was a looooooong day.

We walked from Victoria up to Piccadilly Square, then hopped on a bus because I just wanted to get up to Oxford Street. We stopped in Pret (my saviour) for a coffee and hot croissant – at 8am on a freezing cold morning, that was like heaven.

Thankfully Harley Street is only a 15 (ish) minute walk from Oxford Street / Regent Street.


I waited the 50 minutes for Leigh to finish his medical, then he buggered off for coffee and smokes, whilst I had my medical. Once it was all over we were tired, hungry and not at all in the mood to sight-see. However, if you do go to London for a medical check you’ll most likely end up in a clinic on Harley Street – it seems to be the ‘health street’.

Within 15 minutes you will find

  1. The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street.
  2. Madame Tussauds on Marylebone Road
  3. The beautiful Regent’s Park
  4. London Zoo – although if you’re short of time this definitely won’t be an option!
    and of course…
  5. Oxford and Regent Streets

If you’re hungry, you will find about 15 Pret, McDonalds, Subway, etc however

If you’re a fan on Mexican food you do not want to miss this place
CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL on Baker Street – it’s basically a subway-style restaurant for Mexican food. Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas and more!

mexican food in london

and another one of my favourites, but quite pricey, is Joe and the Juice. (also on Baker Street) which is a really chilled out, funky smoothie cafe. I first found it in Stavanger, Norway and absolutely loved it!

smoothie shops in london

Let’s face it, in London, you’re never too far from anywhere.

We went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, which was absolutely mental and we walked through as quickly as possible. It was lovely, but far too busy.

London Hyde Park

One place I 100% recommend is this beautiful chocolate shop and cafe called Rococo – their main store is in Belgravia on Motcomb Street and they serve the most amazing hot chocolates! You can choose from different flavours and you even get a massive marshmallow to dunk in! Hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve had in my life.

London's best hot chocolate

And of course you are close to Oxford Street, Regent Street, Harrods and everything else that London has to offer, but if you’re waiting for appointments or x-rays you won’t be able to stray too far from the clinic.

Let me know if you think of any other ideas I could add to this post!
Thanks xo

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Vegans in Taipei

The two weeks before my holiday started I decided to try out being vegan. It was tough some days. All I wanted were crisps or chocolate, but on the whole I felt pretty energised and healthy.

Since arriving in Taipei I don’t think I’ve had an entire day without eating something I shouldn’t have. My body is rebelling. I’m feeling sluggish, exhausted, grouchy and sick.

Tonight however, I decided to be healthy!

 I raided the local Night Market food stalls for some fresh fruit and veg to make up a little vegan dinner. 

Avocado, tomato, onion, sweet corn, mango and chilli – my favourite mix!

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A Bridget Jones Mini Break!

Well, not really.
I’ve just spent 3 days in London with Josh, which have been fantastic, albeit slightly expensive.

I took the 5:15 coach on Sunday morning, thankfully I managed to sleep a bit, and we had McDonalds for breakfast in Victoria Place. We spent the morning around Brick Lane, where neither of us had been before and it was amazing!

So many different cultures, cuisines, handicrafts and jewellery. I really enjoyed myself. We went to Russell Square for lunch, Nandoooooos! – it was deliiiiicious!

After much we went home to have a nap, as in the evening we took the longgggg journey (1h15m) down to Greenwich to Up The Creek comedy club.

An absolutely brilliant night! 4 comedians and the host as well were all hilarious, although Ian Smith was my favourite because he didn’t talk about sex, drugs or suicide. and he tweeted me back!!

It was rainy and quite windy, due to the so called hurricane! but we made it home alive!

On Monday I stayed at home in the morning, then Josh and I had McDonalds for lunch

and I went shopping around Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. I got some early Christmas presents for people and a few bits for myself moustaches ftw

Josh and I had dinner at the Slug and Lettuce in China Town. I had nachooooos and a wrap all to myself. I was starving! Then we went to China Town and took photos on the sticker machines. They’re adorable and bloody hilarious (see below)

And yesterday I woke up from 7 hours of solid sleep and was absolutely buzzing! Which continued whilst I sat in Starbucks trying to study, but most watched YouTube and tried not to embarrass myself by laughing out loud in public.

I went to Covent Garden and spent ages in Fossil, wishing I had an unlimited amount of money. Then spent a while in H&M where I bought some sexy clothes for Josh and a really comfy jumper for myself. Green as well! Not a colour I wear often!

After work Josh and I went down to Canada Water to The Mayflower Pub to meet some friends I grew up with, from 1997! So lovely to see them both and Katie gave me some Loreal freebies! Very happy about that 😀

And now I am almost back in Bournemouth where it is very dark, rainy and so grim compared to the beautiful morning I’ve just had in London.

It’s just so nice to still go out all the time and find new places, see different things.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! xo

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Go Sober!

I have decided to join the thousands of people going sober for October this year! In order to raise money for Macmillan, the cancer support charity!

I know people have this general idea that all students do is drink, sleep, party, waste their student loan on the latest trends – and for a lot of people, they’re right!

HOWEVER. Long gone are my days of boozing all night, stumbling home at 4am and sleeping into the late afternoon of the following day, wallowing in self-pity over a ranging headache.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like my drinks! I love wine. There aren’t many days where I go without a glass, or half. Or two!

But I’ve decided to give it all up in hope to raise a good amount of money for this wonderful charity!

I’m hoping to do some fundraisers like a bake sale or maybe a girly afternoon.. but for now I’m relying on the kindness of you readers! (and family and friends of course!)

I’ll try and update this blog as I go along.. hopefully I’ll find other people who are doing it and I can find out what they’re doing to raise money, how they’re finding the absence of alcohol!

If anyone would like to donate even the smallest amount, please do! It will be greatly appreciated.


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Standing still.

Today has been absolutely perfect. Josh and I went to Southampton so he could get a new iPhone, and despite almost giving in to temptation a million times over, I bought nothing but a coffee.

Lunch was amazing! This restaurant, The Vestry, is just around the corner from Southampton train station, opposite the Mayflower theatre.

It is a converted church with high wooden ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows on the top floor. On the last Saturday of each month they do a dinner and dance night, with live tribute acts – definitely something I want to try.

The food was delicious and once again I have eaten goats cheese, bearing in mind I don’t actually like cheese at all.


Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with goats cheese filo … A little too much oil for my liking but absolutely wonderful. Each mouthful was full of flavour yet still left room for dessert.. Which, was one of the specials that was not on the menu..


Mint chocolate creme brûlée with shortbread

I don’t usually like fancy desserts but I am a huge fan of mint chocolate, so this was a no-brainer.

Both the waiter and waitress serving us were lovely. They were attentive, polite and very chatty, but not at all over the top. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a quality meal, and would love to go there for dinner sometime!


It’s just so fantastic to find someone you never get bored of, can talk absolute rubbish with and genuinely have an amazing time with whatever you decide to do.

We watched a film, his parents let me stay for dinner and then we went bowling again with two of Josh’s friends – which may I add, I am completely hopeless at! But it was a good laugh anyway.


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The Royal Treatment.

As an incredibly last minute decision, my friend and I decided to go to London for the day!

His parents had bought tickets for ‘Singing in the rain’ , but for the wrong Monday so asked my friend if he wanted the tickets, and he invited me along!

We got the 10:22 train from Bournemouth to Waterloo, and it certainly didn’t seem to take 2 hours, as we talked continuously about everything and anything!

Our first stop in London after topping up the oyster cards was Bond Street, except the tube zoomed straight past it, so we ended up getting off at Baker Street and walking up to Oxford Street, Regent Street, having a little wander through the Ferrari shop, Forever 21, Superdry. Unfortunately we didn’t come across any moustache cases.
20130416-075420.jpg 20130416-075441.jpg

However, we quite quickly stopped at the Slug and Lettuce for lunch and it was even better when we realized it was 50% off Monday! WINNER! .. I had Penne Arrabiata and it was one of the nicest pasta dishes I’ve had in a while, along with a bottle of wine… classy us. AND we had dessert as well.. my usual chocolate puddle! Absolutely delicious.


From there we wandered down various streets to Leicester Square and Covent Garden, stopping to listen to the violinists playing in the square – who were absolutely fantastic. Such great classical music and so full of energy.

We sat and had a drink in a lower-level pub called Punch and Judy, which was lovely. It was quite dim-lit inside but had wooden chairs and benches outside and the staff were all friendly. In all the years I’ve been to London and wandered around Covent Garden I can honestly say I’ve never seen it. I really don’t know how I missed it.


Of course I had to look in David and Goliath. Only one of my favourite brands ever. I can’t believe how many new designs and styles they have. I easily could have spent £200 in there.. especially on moustache things! Speaking of…

Moose stache.. my new pyjama bottoms that Josh bought for me.
I looooooooooooove them. Literally they’re my new favourite things.

He also bought me a Paris phone case from the shop next to the pub, which is a pretty funky place. Cheese graters will dolls on top, pens disguised as fruits and various other oddities.

We managed to spent our day doing very little, mainly just wandering around shops, stopping a few times for a drink before heading to the Palace Theatre to watch…



I’ve never been to a show before and it actually was so inspiring. The ladies were all stunning, the tap dancing was fantastic, so uplifting and the voices on everyone were beautiful. It was quite funny and so entertaining, especially the parts where they danced in the rain and splashed the audience! Funny to watch from the balcony.

The bar we stopped in just before going into the theatre was called Boheme Kitchen and Bar, it was buzzing with people of all types – couples, business people, young people.. it was great, I really enjoyed it.

I had a..
now come on, how cool is that?
It was made up of Grey Goose, Proseco, Lime Juice, Lemon..
it was delicious! They had a really good cocktail menu as well so I would love to go back there and try a few more!


After the 2 hour journey back, I am finally at home in my warmed up flat and about to head to bed. In all honesty, I can’t remember the last time someone treated me so well. I had presents, drinks bought for me, a theatre ticket! I sneakily managed to pay for lunch though, yay me, but I was practically treated like a princess! :’)

Goodnight xo


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Back to reality, smiling.

After a pretty decent first night’s sleep back at home, I woke up early and got myself into action for the day. I showered, cleaned the kitchen (which is now a mess again) and drove off to Asda to buy my healthy options for the week. After eating such healthy food in India (fruits, cereals, fresh Indian food and very little crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks) I’ve decided there’s no reason why I shouldn’t continue now that I’m home. Although this is England, where a packet of fruit is £3 and a massive 2L bottle of coke is 99p. Isn’t that just ridiculous?!


I made myself breakfast – nuts, cereal, fruits, yoghurt, mango&strawberry tea and a cranberry juice – and started going through my pictures from the last two weeks. What a fantastic time I had and I already cannot wait to go back.

For some insane reason I opted to take the overtime shift at work today, only an extra four hours on top of my 6 hour shift but everyone seemed to think that it was a bit nuts. I don’t know why? I managed fine, it went really quickly and I got to see my favourite friend Joshhhhh. #welovetesco #tescobuddiesforever.

Those 10 hours really did fly by.. I took my home-made pasta dinner to work, along with some red bull and a bottle of water but ended up buying a pizza and chocolate muffins from the reductions.. however, they are in the freezer and I will try not to eat them. Or if I do, in very teeny-tiny amounts. What mostly got me through the day was the high spirit of the sun shining through the big windows, the awesome pay-cheque that has just gone into my bank account, and the very silly snapchats my friend and I were sending to each other.

Honestly, some people really do make your life so much better. I think there’s a point where you realise how much people mean to you when you’re standing in the middle of a shop grinning your face off like an idiot because of a simple text message.


Another highlight of my day was that near the end of the night, one of the some-what regular customers came in for a few little bits, and as she was paying on the self-service machine I heard her talking to someone, or something, and I honestly thought she was going mad. She wasn’t. She had a little friend with her all right. A gorgeous black and white, fluffy cat. Strange? The cat was tucked up inside her coat, with a lead on! The lady said the cat can stay like that for hours, and that they usually walk along the beach. She said “I’m the crazy cat-lady of Southbourne!” and laughed. She’s South African I think, but she’s really sweet and friendly. It just made my day, and she let me stroke her (The cat, obviously, not the lady) Just too cute!


I’ve got another long day tomorrow but I’m hoping something good will happen.

Goodnight everyone! xo