Mental Health in the workplace.

Hi everyone.
I’m writing my final University assignment on Mental Health in the workplace.

Ideally I would like to find someone who has had a bad experience at their place of work (past or present job) because they suffer from a mental health condition. If there is anyone willing to discuss this please contact me.

Otherwise, please would you take a few minutes to take my survey.
It will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!


The Bipolar Bible…

…is a free book I stumbled upon through iBooks.

The author describes his journey of emotions, feelings, highs and lows of growing up and overcoming the darker times in his life. I’ve only read the first few chapters and it’s already making me feel less alone. Not happier, or even more positive, but somewhere within me I’m hoping that’ll be me soon, coming out on the other side.

He expresses how people have treated him like a lower form of human being, as a joke, as someone unworthy and it is insane how true he is. How people with mental illnesses are treated as a lower class of people.

Let me make this clear, I haven’t been diagnosed with anything and I’m not claiming I have any sort of mental illness, although I am fairly sure I’ve got mild cases of something or other. Maybe I’m just a complete bitch, but I certainly have a lot of anger in me for someone who’s had a pretty amazing life so far.

I just wish more people would speak out, so others didn’t feel so alone.

I wish someone would speak to me, so I didn’t feel so alone.