Minty Banana Sprinkles.

My latest nail design is yet another favourite colour, and a brand new top coat.

Another mint nail varnish

No. 7 (Spring Meadow) Stay Perfect Nail Colour £5.99 from Boots

Opinion: Beautiful colour, needs at least two coats but it doesn’t chip easily and looks lovely and glossy

and my new favourite top coat 

Barry M Nail Effects Confetti (Sour Apple) £3.99 from Boots

Opinion: A tiny mix of yellow, blue and white sticks in a clear varnish. Really funky and would look good over pale yellow or blue. It seems to congregate in the middle of the nail and isn’t that easy to spread over the whole nail. It is do-able though and looks great.





As soon as I walked through the door of Costa this afternoon, for my post-work iced mocha, a little voice shouted “hello!” right in my face.

This adorable blonde, curly haired blue eyed child was sprawled out over one of the sofa chairs next to the window.

I asked him if I could sit by the window, to which his response was a screwed up nose and a disappointed sigh. His dad said he wouldn’t really mind.

So as mum and I were having our coffees and a chat, this little voice spoke out from behind a chair…

“Hi… Hi… Hiiiiii”

And all other sorts of noises.
We ended up playing hide-and-seek behind his chair and my coffee cup, along with some very silly faces and some funny variations of “I can see you” and pretend surprised gasps!

It actually made my afternoon.
He was such a sweet child and as I left I thanked him for letting me have his seat, to which he mumbled “you’re welcome” followed by …


And a funny little wave

Thanks kid!