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Thank Goodness It’s Friday

This evening my housemates and I got the bus into town to check out this cute market street food fair.

I had tacos and they were amazing! So was the pizza! The musicians were excellent and definitely livened the night up!


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Weird Wednesday.

Okay so guess what?

I had a lie in this morning, until half past nine.

I spent a good few hours dithering around and not doing much.
Slowly trying to tidy my room, apply for jobs and organize my life.


After lunch I went to see my cousin and the twins, and ohmygod. Alfie is WALKING! On his own.

It really is the cutest thing.


I raided the charity shops in Crookes to try and find something I could tie-dye at the fashion society event tonight, but when I got there all the tickets had sold out. #sad.



I spent half an hour trying to help set up the nightclub venue for tonight, but the guy in charge was quite late so not much happened.

I came home for some very nutritious noodles and got dolled up for a date. yes. you heard me, a date.


That does not happen in my world, but it was lovely none-the-less.

A quick McDonalds trip before dashing off to Uni to flyer and hand out some Where’s Wally masks and some geeky glasses and then jumped on the woman’s night bus home.


Met a really nice girl as well. Everyone is so friendly here!


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Troublesome Tuesdays.

Good evening lovely readers!

Yet another manic day which thankfully started with peanut butter on toast and a spoonful of fairygoblin.

Nom nom nom
Nom nom nom
Just a spoonful of Fairy helps the medicine go down…

I went along to the intermediate Chinese class today and boy was it a shock, but in a good way. I have forgotten so many characters and the 9am start certainly didn’t help. At least I was finally in the right place though.

I spent my spare hour studying before shuffling off to Research Methods, but not before buying my favourite green tea and a cute little pen! Although the lecture was so boring they should have given us pillows so we could nap.

A little birdie told me…

Then the mania began as I was rushing from the East Asian Building, over to the Journalism block and then back to the SU and I was honestly just running around like a headless chicken. As well as trying to find a yellow tshirt for HK Day tomorrow ❤

Jia You HK <3
Jia You HK ❤

No such luck.

Thankfully people were giving out free galaxy bars just inside the Student Union. I wanted to hug them.

I love you.
I love you.

I went along to a Mental Health Matters Society meeting this evening and the ladies provided paper, stickers, glitter glue and felts for us all to write / draw / design a pledge of our own for the next year. It was a really lovely meeting and quite good fun!

I pledge.
I pledge.

The walk home was tiring but the sky was just amazing. It was bright blue with whispy white plane trails, peachy clouds and the sun just lighting it all up. Too bad my camera died, again.

Healthy dinner.
Healthy dinner.

After a few very quick twin cuddles, I went home, put my pyjamas on and curled up on the sofa for a night of TV, which of course started with Eastenders and ended with the oh-so-hilarious 50 ways to kill your mammy.

I don’t have to set an alarm for tomorrow, although the fresher’s fair is happening and I don’t know if I should go.

Goodnight lovelies.



100 Happy Days – Day Two

So today hasn’t been as good as yesterday, but it could have been a lot worse, I suppose.

I woke up feeling grateful that once again, it wasn’t raining.

It was quiet both in and around the house, and when Mum and Dad came home they had wonderful news!

The neighbours from HELL have finally, after three years, MOVED OUT!!

What an absolute relief.

I started cleaning, tidying and sorting my room out once again and after nearly 6 hours, it is nearly finished and looking pretty damn good! I’m impressed. Another few hours tomorrow and it will be looking wonderful!

Dad had bought some lovely wine for us, and made us a rocket and goat’s cheese salad – it was deliiiiiicious!

We had a really good time together just laughing and being really silly. That was lots of fun.

I carried on drawing and designing my New Media story and I am SO proud of myself for how it has turned out!!

This evening wasn’t so great, and after a few arguments and cancelling a few plans, my parents insisted on going out for dinner.

My boyfriend has left hidden messages on my phone :)
My boyfriend has left hidden messages on my phone 🙂

We went to the Larderhouse in Southbourne and it is absolutely the most unique place I’ve ever been to! There’s so many different choices of spirits, wines, cocktails and the food menu is quite special! It’s different every day and the dishes are mouth-watering! I’m so glad we went there.

Now I’m home, snuggled up in my Me-to-you onesie that my sister bought me for christmas, and I’m going to  try and have an early-ish night.

It’s been a stressful, but productive day.

I’m hoping that this happiness thing gets a little easier every day.

Let’s hope so at least.

My happiness pad says:

  • It isn’t raining!
  • The neighbours from hell have finally moved out
  • Finding things that belonged to my Grandpa
  • Having fun at lunch with my parents
  • Having an amazing selection of nice perfumes
  • Perfect family evening
  • And a holiday may possibly be on the cards soon

Goodnight everyone! xo


My life in photographs


If there’s one thing that truly makes me happy is a perfect picture. Maybe not perfect in terms of light or surrounding, but when you look at it and think, that sums up how I felt at that moment.

Instant photos are my favourites because even if you’re posing for them, it’s like capturing a moment forever, in print. However, it’s a magical feeling when you take tens or even hundreds of pictures of the same scene, item or person and you finally find that one amazing photo.

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London living

Last night was my last in London for a while, although hopefully not too long! Despite torrential rained that continued through til 5pm, and it being grey and gloomy, I had a good day shopping and wandering around Oxford street – and managed to meet Josh for lunch!

you can’t beat McDonald’s!

After going back to Josh’s house and rushing to get ready – with the dilemma that none of my new purchases fitted me! I went back to Oxford Street to meet him from work 🙂

We walked through a really sweet park on the edge of Mayfair, which was full of families and little dogs! I sat and painted my nails, and Josh threw bread at pigeons – cool couple or what?
We walked around Mayfair, looked in Estate Agent windows at houses we will one day be able to afford, and sent snapchat videos to his Godson who didn’t want to go to bed – too cute!

Then we made our way up to Charing’s Cross and Embankment were we found Gordon’s Wine Bar – such a cool place! We bought a bottle of wine for £23 and it was absolutely delicious! I have to admit I had my doubts as to whether or not it was going to be worth it, but it was an we stayed for hours. We talked just like we use to, non stop and about everything.

After that we walked along the river, watched all the boats go by and listened to some of the street musicians. We ended up having dinner at Neds noodle bar, which is a little pricey but so worth it when you have a huge box of yummy noodles in front of you! You can choose whatever you want, even the sauce! And then we headed home.
I think I sleep-walked for the majority of the journey, and didn’t take long before I was sound asleep!

without a doubt one of the best nights I’ve had in ages xo