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Weird Wednesday.

Okay so guess what?

I had a lie in this morning, until half past nine.

I spent a good few hours dithering around and not doing much.
Slowly trying to tidy my room, apply for jobs and organize my life.


After lunch I went to see my cousin and the twins, and ohmygod. Alfie is WALKING! On his own.

It really is the cutest thing.


I raided the charity shops in Crookes to try and find something I could tie-dye at the fashion society event tonight, but when I got there all the tickets had sold out. #sad.



I spent half an hour trying to help set up the nightclub venue for tonight, but the guy in charge was quite late so not much happened.

I came home for some very nutritious noodles and got dolled up for a date. yes. you heard me, a date.


That does not happen in my world, but it was lovely none-the-less.

A quick McDonalds trip before dashing off to Uni to flyer and hand out some Where’s Wally masks and some geeky glasses and then jumped on the woman’s night bus home.


Met a really nice girl as well. Everyone is so friendly here!



Mental Health in the workplace.

Hi everyone.
I’m writing my final University assignment on Mental Health in the workplace.

Ideally I would like to find someone who has had a bad experience at their place of work (past or present job) because they suffer from a mental health condition. If there is anyone willing to discuss this please contact me.

Otherwise, please would you take a few minutes to take my survey.
It will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!



You know, that terrible habit girls have.
Well I’m doing a little too much of it lately. I seem to be over-analysing and in-depth thinking over silly things that probably mean absolutely nothing. It’s driving me insane.

So this morning I walked to University, in the blazing sun, and it was beautiful. It was incredibly warm for half-past nine, but as soon as I walked through the gates I realised how it was very much like a ghost-town. Of course! A bank holiday. Which meant no buses were running and none of the shops were open. So I took my laptop and sat outside on the benches in the middle of the courtyard. It was fantastic. It was peaceful, I got to sit in the sun and get my work done.

Because there were no buses running, my beautiful friend couldn’t get to University, and instead I packed up my things and started walking, walking towards Winton, then Charminster, then Boscombe… and after missing the only bus by 5 minutes, I ended up walking an hour and a half to Southbourne.


Thankfully, after a ridiculous about of walking and two very sore feet later, Josh and I went for lunch on the cliff top and The Spy and Kettleglass pub. Very lucky us as we managed to pinch a table outside in the garden, and despite the clouds coming over for the majority of the time we sat out, it was a gorgeous afternoon.

I had a veggie burger and a naked apple koppaberg – deeeeeeeeeeeelicious!


Then on the way home we walked along the cliff top and stopped so I could finally buy a Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream, as I haven’t had one it was seems like forever.





As soon as I walked through the door of Costa this afternoon, for my post-work iced mocha, a little voice shouted “hello!” right in my face.

This adorable blonde, curly haired blue eyed child was sprawled out over one of the sofa chairs next to the window.

I asked him if I could sit by the window, to which his response was a screwed up nose and a disappointed sigh. His dad said he wouldn’t really mind.

So as mum and I were having our coffees and a chat, this little voice spoke out from behind a chair…

“Hi… Hi… Hiiiiii”

And all other sorts of noises.
We ended up playing hide-and-seek behind his chair and my coffee cup, along with some very silly faces and some funny variations of “I can see you” and pretend surprised gasps!

It actually made my afternoon.
He was such a sweet child and as I left I thanked him for letting me have his seat, to which he mumbled “you’re welcome” followed by …


And a funny little wave

Thanks kid!

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Back to reality, smiling.

After a pretty decent first night’s sleep back at home, I woke up early and got myself into action for the day. I showered, cleaned the kitchen (which is now a mess again) and drove off to Asda to buy my healthy options for the week. After eating such healthy food in India (fruits, cereals, fresh Indian food and very little crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks) I’ve decided there’s no reason why I shouldn’t continue now that I’m home. Although this is England, where a packet of fruit is £3 and a massive 2L bottle of coke is 99p. Isn’t that just ridiculous?!


I made myself breakfast – nuts, cereal, fruits, yoghurt, mango&strawberry tea and a cranberry juice – and started going through my pictures from the last two weeks. What a fantastic time I had and I already cannot wait to go back.

For some insane reason I opted to take the overtime shift at work today, only an extra four hours on top of my 6 hour shift but everyone seemed to think that it was a bit nuts. I don’t know why? I managed fine, it went really quickly and I got to see my favourite friend Joshhhhh. #welovetesco #tescobuddiesforever.

Those 10 hours really did fly by.. I took my home-made pasta dinner to work, along with some red bull and a bottle of water but ended up buying a pizza and chocolate muffins from the reductions.. however, they are in the freezer and I will try not to eat them. Or if I do, in very teeny-tiny amounts. What mostly got me through the day was the high spirit of the sun shining through the big windows, the awesome pay-cheque that has just gone into my bank account, and the very silly snapchats my friend and I were sending to each other.

Honestly, some people really do make your life so much better. I think there’s a point where you realise how much people mean to you when you’re standing in the middle of a shop grinning your face off like an idiot because of a simple text message.


Another highlight of my day was that near the end of the night, one of the some-what regular customers came in for a few little bits, and as she was paying on the self-service machine I heard her talking to someone, or something, and I honestly thought she was going mad. She wasn’t. She had a little friend with her all right. A gorgeous black and white, fluffy cat. Strange? The cat was tucked up inside her coat, with a lead on! The lady said the cat can stay like that for hours, and that they usually walk along the beach. She said “I’m the crazy cat-lady of Southbourne!” and laughed. She’s South African I think, but she’s really sweet and friendly. It just made my day, and she let me stroke her (The cat, obviously, not the lady) Just too cute!


I’ve got another long day tomorrow but I’m hoping something good will happen.

Goodnight everyone! xo